Local shops

Need to buy some local produce?  Searching for a present, a gift for someone back home?  Some delicious bread in the morning, some nice local cheese?  Since we live in le Pays du Guil, we know the best places to go.  You’ll find some of our favorite shops on this page

Place et Eglise Guillestre

Some flowers to brighten up your place, an orchid, a small gift?  

Bouquet de Lys, flower shop in Guillestre.  Flowers, bouquets and flower creations for different occasions.  

14 Rue Maurice Petsche 05600 Guillestre
+ 33 4 92 52 42 26

Searching for a present?

D’Ici et d’Ailleurs – a small shop packed with original and unique finds, ideal as a gift for someone special, or to please yourself.  

39, Rue Maurice Petsche 05600 Guillestre
+ 33 4 92 24 03 64
site web d’ici et d’ailleurs Guillestre

Local cheese from les Hautes Alpes, made with milk from le Pays du Guil

La Fromagerie de la Durance produces cheese based on raw milk (cow, goat or sheep milk).  Discover the different cheeses in their shop.  

6142 Le Villard Nord 05600 Guillestre
+ 33 4 92 45 06 93

Nothing beats the smell and taste of frech bread in the morning.  Ah, and how about some pie or cake for the afternoon?  

La Galette de Vauban – In Eygliers Gare has a large choice of different breads and croissants, pain au chocolat, and of course some excellent pies.  

RN94 05600 Eygliers
+ 33 4 92 45 30 35

La Guillestrine – Right in the centre of the town of Guillestre, in the main road, with a large choice of bread, and viennoiseries, and some pies that’ll make you want to taste them all.  

16 Rue Maurice Petsche 05600 Guillestre
+ 33 4 92 45 18 74

Products made by local craftsmen from the Queyras

La Cooperative du Queyras – a group of local craftsmen and agriculturers have joined forces in the regroupement d’artisans et agriculteurs du Queyras.  Visit their shop to discover their products.    

05350 Chateau Ville Vieille
+ 33 4 92 46 80 29


In need of something to read?  A book on the region, on its history and patrimony?  

The bookshop l’Echo des Mots – Books on the area, on its history and on the culture of le Pays du Guil, in a small nice spot, that equally serves as tea shop.    

Place du Général Albert 05600 Guillestre
+ 33 4 92 52 72 48