Eygliers in the Hautes Alpes

Eygliers in the Hautes Alpes is a small village at the entrance to the Parc du Queyras and close to the Parc des Ecrins.  You’ll appreciate the numerous hamlets of Eygliers, the chapels and fountains, and it’s small lake (the “plan d’eau”), it’s a wonderful place to live and a perfect destiantion for you holidays in a quiet setting surrounded by nature.  

Eygliers is a village of only 800 inhabitants, situated next to the small town of  Guillestre, à l’autre côté de la vallée de la Durance du Parc des Ecrins.  l’autre côté de la vallée de la Durance.  From Eygliers Gare, with the railway station of Mont Dauphin – Guillestre you’ll go uphill on Mount Catinat towards the main hamlet of Eygliers Chef-Lieu, next to Mont Dauphin, and along the mountain slope you’ll discover the numerous hamlets of Eygliers, like La Font, Gros, le Coin, Basse Rua, les Blancs and many more.  Each hamlet has its own characteristics and style.  Many of them offer stunning views on the valley of the Guil, the valley of the Durance, the summits of the Ecrins or the plateau of Mont Dauphin.  

Eygliers l'église

L’église St Antoine

You’ll find the church of Eygliers in it’s main hamlet, the Chef-Lieu d’Eygliers.  

A construction without too much fuss, an architectural simplicity, a square tower with sundial and some nice wall paintings inside of the church. 

The different hamlets of Eygliers all have their chapel, such as the chapel dedicated to Ste Marie Madeleine in la Font d’Eygliers, or the chapel dedicated to St Jean Baptiste in Eygliers Chef-Lieu, or still the chapel dedicated to St Barthélemy in Gros, to name only a few.  

Fountains and wash basins in Eygliers

You can find several beautiful fountains and washing basins in the different hamlets of Eygliers.  Here are a few exemples, the “fontête”  (fountain head) in the hamlet of la Font d’Eyliers.  

Fontaine du Loup à La Font d'Eygliers
Fontaine du loup ou du lion à Eygliers
Fontête la Font d'Eygliers
Kayak plan d'eau Eygliers

Le plan d’eau d’Eygliers

The plan d’eau in Eygliers or small lake, approximately 2 ha is ideal to swim or just relax in summer, or to have a nice walk in the other seasons.  

Le sentier des marmottes

In Eygliers Gare, at the foot of the plateau of Mont Dauphin, a small walking path called the sentier des marmottes has been created allowing you to go and encounter the small rodents, that are typical for the Alps, the marmots.  You’ll be able to approach them easily, they don’t mind to be photographed at all.  An ideal place to visit with children.  

Sentier Marmotte Guillestre
Marmotte Queyras