Village and hamlet in the Pays du Guil

You’ll find some of the most stunning villages in the Alps, right here in le Pays du Guil

Chapelle la Font d'Eygliers

A typical village in the Alps

In le Pays du Guil you’ll probably find some of the most stunning villages and hamlets, so typical for life as it was years ago.  It seems as if the villages want to rival with nature over beauty.  In every part of this region, in every valley, you’ll find houses and villages that have been constructed in a distinct architecture and construction type.  Most of the time, the houses have been constructed around the public areas where people used to meet in times before iPhones and iPads.

Exemples of such public spaces are not only the small squares, but also the bread oven of the hamlet, of which several ones have been nicely renovated in le Pays du Guil.  Other exemples are the fountains and the “lavoirs”, places where people used to wash their clothes, plenty of those are still visible in our villages.  And let’s not forget to mention the churches and chapels of course.  

So whilst you’re on vacation in le Pays du Guil, do plan some time to visit the villages and hamlets of the Queyras and the Guillestrois.  

Saint Veran en automne

Saint Véran

One of the best known villages in the Queyras, and surely one that deserves it’s place amongst the most beautiful villages in the Alps.  At 2042 m above sea level, it’s the highest village inhabited year round in Europe.    
There are several quarters in the village, each one had it’s own fountain and bread oven.  A stroll around the village allows you to discover these fine pieces of history.  

And the valley around Saint Véran is a perfect spot to go for a relaxing walk, and enjoy the scenic views, or even start of on a longer hike.   

You can find more information on the village on this site: amis de Saint Véran.  

Mont Dauphin

On top of a big rock, overlooking the valley of the Guil and the valley of the Durance, the fortified village of Mont Dauphin was conceived and constructed by the famous architect Vauban.  

From the walls around the village there are magnificent views on these two valleys.    

The particularity of Mont Dauphin is not only it’s origin, the fortified village, but clearly the mixture of these military fortifications, showing the genius that was the architect Vauban, with the village constructed inside these fortifications, and the views on the surrounding mountains and valleys.    

There are guided tours in Mont Dauphin, don’t hesitate to take one if you’ve got the option.  You’ll be able to enter in several buildings that are of  remarquable architecture.

L'Arsenal à Mont Dauphin
Guillestre Eglise


Guillestre, at the entrance of the Parc du Queyras, at the bottom of the road to Vars and Risoul, is the main town of le Pays du Guil.  A small town of only 2300 inhabitants.  

In summer time, the town becomes a bit more lively with plenty of animations for people of all ages, which creates a positive vibe in this pretty little town.  Just stroll around the small city centre, enjoy a drink on a terrace, read a book, observe how life in a small mountain town in the Southern Alps goes along without too much fuss. 

With the ski resorts of Vars and Risoul at only 15 minutes by car or by shuttle bus, with the entrance of the Parc du Queyras and the vicinity of the Parc des Ecrins, the river Guil and Durance for water sports, you’ll soon notice that sport is an important pass time in the area around Guillestre.   

On Monday morning in summer, the weekly market is a gathering of plenty of people around the different stands, selling lots of different things.  An ideal moment to just stroll around town.   

You’ll find a nice selection of restaurants in Guillestre, lots of animations for the young and not so young, especially in summer, the area around Guillestre is the ideal starting point for your holidays in the Southern Alps.  

A small preview of your visit to Mont Dauphin…

A video from the Youtube channel of le Centre des Monuments Nationaux