Hiking in the mountains

The best hikes in the Hautes Alpes, in le Pays du Guil between Queyras ans Ecrins

Sentiers val d'Escreins

A hike ranging from a couple of hours to several days, the options are there in le Pays du Guil.  Let us give you a small selection on this page, some of our preferred hikes.  Just to give you some ideas.  If you ask us, some of the best hikes in the Hautes Alpes, or even in the Alps, are over here in le Pays du Guil.  
We’ll provide you with some links to other sites, where you’ll find more detailed information about these and other hikes, detailed maps and so on.  Everything you need to prepare your hike.

Since we have made a selection, we have not added some of the very popular hikes, the ones that you find in all the books, because we feel that some of those hikes, in summertime, tend to be a bit crowded.  They are still very nice, but we think that hiking in the mountains is better if you don’t have too many people around you, don’t you think so?

The summits reaching above 3000m

La Tête du Vautisse

A very nice hike in the Parc des Ecrins.  The starting point is fairly accessible by car, on a gravel road, which reduces the length of the hike a bit. 

Count 5 h round trip and approx. 800 m height difference.

The reward:  on the summit (3.156m) you’ll have a 360° view, reaching as far as the Mont Blanc and the Mont Viso.  

Panorama Tête de Vautisse

Mountain lakes

Le lac Palluel et le lac Faravel

A beautiful hike in the Parc des Ecrins.  Starting point is in the valley of Freissinières.  

Count 6 h 30 round trip and approx 1100 m height difference

The reward:  2 beautiful mountain lakes at the end, and along the road you’ll pass the nice hamlet of Dormillouse, a hamlet which is only accessible on foot.  And the impressive waterfall just below Dormillouse.  Beautiful view on the valley of Freissinières.  

If you’d like to, you can push it a bit further and go to the Grand Pinier (3.117m).  

Lac de Fangeas

The crests

Les crêtes de Vars 
A hike that starts in Vars Sainte-Catherine.  

Count 5 h 30 round trip and approx 800 m height difference

The reward:  a splendid view on the valley of the Val d’Escreins and on the ski resort of Vars, Edelweiss along the road.  

Crètes de Vars

Plus de suggestions de randonnées dans les Ecrins sur le site de Rando Ecrins.  

Un site pour les randonnées dans le Guillestrois: Rando Guillestrois

Une sélection pour trouver un pro pour vous accompagner.